Joshua Kamara

Founder of Aquarius Ink Project



My name is Joshua Kamara, and welcome to The Aquarius Ink Project!

By birth, my zodiac sign is Aquarius. Through the eyes of most astrologers, the typical Aquarian is an eccentric, intellectual, introverted, visionary who seeks betterment for the world.

Yeah, that describes me perfectly! Though, with respect to my introverted nature and desire to help others, I created The Aquarius Ink Project: an online platform dedicated to helping introverts with respect to cognitive and interpersonal issues.

As an introvert, I understand the difficulties in communicating with others while living in a seemingly extroverted world. It’s a struggle – a struggle that hinders growth.

That said, through shared knowledge and experiences, my mission is to help introverts improve their cognitive and interpersonal skills, all without compromising their true introverted nature.

As an Aquarian/Writer, may the ink of my pen transform the cognitive and interpersonal struggles of other introverts.



For years, I struggled to communicate and coexist in a seemingly extroverted world.

My struggles lasted until my college years.

In undergrad, I majored in communications and enrolled in courses such as Intro to Communications Theory and Public Address. Subsequently, I learned different methodologies for self-expression, and, how to interact with other personalities.

Furthermore, my college education, in conjunction with life experiences and high self-awareness were paramount towards my development.

Though still, I do not consider myself a guru or sage, as I sometimes fall short of glory. Instead, I am an eternal student of life and self-improvement.

Together, let’s quietly convert all struggles into victories!

Warm regards,

Joshua Kamara