Who is Joshua Kamara?

And everything there is to know about The Aquarius Ink Project

Knowledge, newness, and wisdom from a proud Aquarian.

My Story


My name is Joshua Kamara and welcome to The Aquarius Ink Project.

As a former fulltime introvert, I understand the difficulties in communicating emotions, ideas, and thoughts. It’s a struggle – a struggle that hindered personal growth as I, on occasion, failed to speak up for what I believed in and what I wanted. And, too, at times, those moments of ceased communication nullified the birth of new relationships because I didn't dare to initiate them.

Those struggles lasted until my college years.

In undergrad, I majored in communications and enrolled in courses such as Intro to Communications Theory and Public Address. Subsequently, I learned different methodologies for self-expression.

To improve, I’d practice those methods at and off campus with whom I had familiarity and unfamiliarity. Those practice sessions helped tremendously to refine my communication skills. In the process, I honed my interpersonal skills, as I formed new alliances and friendships through my efforts to connect with people outside my small ecosystem.

It was during those formative years when I found my voice as a person and a newfound strength to emerge from the shadows of introversion and into a realm of light and self-assurance.

College also taught me how to think abstractly by way of learning how to conceptualize based on my observations and thought processes. Acquiring the skill of conceptualization converged with my spirit as an artist, allowed me to see and understand more in the world to push my bounds of creative thinking.

All in all, those experiences and lessons drove me out of my comfort zones and into different settings and scenarios. Ultimately, that drive helped me develop the essential skills to communicate effectively, think creatively, and form + maintain healthy relationships – skills that would manifest in my interactions with people, in life and my writing.

My Purpose

I was never much into the mythology of zodiac signs until I read the traits of my own – the Aquarian. According to some astrologers, Aquarians are eccentrics, intellectuals, introverts, visionaries, and humanitarians who seek betterment for the world. To my amazement, these traits, along with others, exemplify all that I am as a person and a writer.

Some astrologers have described the Aquarius sign, also known as “The Water Bearer,” as one who wishes to shower the world with their ideas to nourish all of humanity.

Our daily conversations and interactions with one another joined with how and what we think shapes our present and our future. Accordingly, with the understanding I’ve acquired from past and present experiences, I strive to shower the part-time introverts, full-time introverts, and those on the outer fringes of both spectrum's with insight and newness, all for the sake of:

Better Communication

Better Relationships

Better Thinking

All Yielding Better Results 

Warm regards,