Get Up Get Started Get on Stage


Get Up!

Get Started!

Get on the Stage!

The Only Step by Step book for Young Adults to Overcoming Public Speaking.

By Joshua Kamara


Many people can attest that while standing before a room full of people to speak, the devastation experienced is indescribably overwhelming. The cause, in many cases, is fear – but why? The reasons are many, such as low self-esteem, shyness, or little to zero training in public discourse. The solution: a well-conceived plan to develop and prepare each person before getting on the stage.

Accordingly, in his first book, Get Up! Get Started! Get on Stage! – Joshua Kamara has constructed a set of thorough step by step methodologies for those who have yet to master the basics of public discourse.

Inside, you can expect to learn tips such as:

  • How to avoid memory lapse via the construction of the Mental Roadmap.

  • How and when to use monologue or dialogue as needed to engage your audience.

  • How to command the attention of your listeners without speaking loudly.

  • How to uphold your calm by fashioning an Unbreakable Veil of Self Confidence.

  • How to look into a sea of a billion eyes and psychologically minimize the size of the audience.

Once upon a time, I was the prototypical nervous orator who only spoke publicly when forced, i.e., in class. With the help of my Public Speaking professor, embarrassment, and determination, I emerged from my shell and into the spotlight of Public Discourse.

Renowned sports journalist Bob Costas once said that writing is everyone's business - I feel the same way about public speaking.

Sometimes, to earn a good grade or a promotion, you are tasked to speak before others. And then there are times when one must engage in public discourse outside of the classroom or boardroom. Above all, mastering the talent of public speaking, in and of itself, is one of the many conduits unto a plethora of fruitful opportunities – are you ready to get on the stage?